Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Candlewicking Christmas tree skirt

I thought I would take a minute to share photos of my Christmas tree skirt. This is one I made many years ago. It is candlewicking, done from a kit which my parents gave me. It took me quite some time to finish this project -- stitching the lace around the edge was more time-consuming than the actual stitchery! -- but I finally did and have used it every Christmas since. You really can' t see much of the tree skirt in the above photo, other than that pesky lace, so here are more that I finally thought to take this year.

You can see that the main motif is a beribboned heart between two doves.

In between these main motifs are smaller motifs of a candle. Here's a closeup of a candle motif.

I keep thinking I would like to make a new tree skirt, perhaps a crocheted or patchwork one. But I'll hold on to this one for its sentimental value.


  1. Very pretty! I'm unfamiliar with candlewicking, but it looks very nice! Our Christmas tree skirt is just a length of fabric that I bought & wrapped round the tree. It works for now :-)

  2. Hi Mary Ann!

    Candlewicking is basically embroidery, mostly French knots, done on muslin with something heavier than embroidery floss. Candlewicking yarn is probably about the weight of pearl cotton, at a guess. This Christmas tree skirt was done with colored yarn similar to crewel yarn. I think candlewicking is a very old technique originally done with the string used for candle wicks. It had quite a resurgence of popularity in the early 1980s but you don't see it much anymore.

    In the early years I used a thin vintage Christmas tablecloth fabric wrapped around the base of the tree as a tree skirt. You're right -- fabric works very well and I think it is almost nicer than a regular tree skirt because one can vary the fabric from year to year.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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