Tuesday, January 03, 2012

More fun with felt food

Darrin and Emily enjoying some of the felt food I've made previously

I am going to try over the next few days to share some photos of some of the Christmas gifts I made this year.  I try to make most of our gifts, although often for men we end up resorting to gift cards or to consumable food gifts. 

Several of our grandchildren absolutely adore felt food.  Their moms tell me that the play food comes out nearly every day to be played with, fed to stuffed animals, and so on.  I had big plans to make a lot of felt food for Christmas, but the more challenging items were put on hold and I will plan to make them for birthdays instead.  I thought I would show a few pictures of the easier items that I did make.
Tree and gingerbread man felt cookies
I also made red frosted bell cookies and yellow frosted star cookies.  The "sugar crystals" on all of these are glass beads securely sewed on.

Orange, cherry and lime felt popsicles
A second set of felt popsicles -- grape, lime and orange

(Photo by Turkey Feathers, which is where I found the tutorial for these felt pancakes.  I made mine the exact same way.  I forgot to take a picture of my pancakes before giving them away.)

I wasn't sure how to make "maple syrup" to accompany these pancakes, but ended up using a small, empty, very clean plastic syrup jug to accompany the one set.  For the other, I bought a tiny plastic jug full of real maple syrup and advised the recipient to use it on real pancakes and then have his mom clean it to use with the felt pancakes.  I had seen some felt maple syrup bottles on Etsy, but didn't have time to figure out how to make them.  The solution I came up with worked fine, and it's fun for them to have the real, albeit small, maple syrup jugs to use.

From the kids' reactions, I think there is quite a bit more felt food crafting in my future!


  1. I love the pancakes! Did the syrup get used on real pancakes:)? That was a neat idea!

  2. Hi again, 1HappyWife! So happy to see you here in my Christmas kitchen! Not sure if Sam has used up the real syrup yet, but if they have had pancakes recently, he probably has. The idea was really born out of my desperation at not being able to find an easy or quick idea for play syrup. I had looked for small bottles in our grocery store to no avail, but found this one at a seasonal shop and it was within my budget, so I went with it!


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