Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Season's Greetings" -- another inspiring Christmas poem

Small vintage card from my personal collection
I'm continuing my browsing through my older December issues of Country Woman magazine.  I'm continuing to find fresh inspiration as I do so, and today I'd like to share another lovely poem with you.  Over the years, Shirley Harvey's poems have often been published in this magazine's Readers' Poetry Corner, and I frequently have found that they really resonate with me.  Perhaps because I'm also a New Englander, this poet's words often speak to my own memories and also to the sort of tradition that I want to preserve for my own grandchildren.  Here's my most recent find:

Season's Greetings
 Evergreens wear stars and silver bells;
The kitchen's full of ginger-spicy smells.
Carols echo through the soft, still night.
Red candles shed their lovely, glowing light.

The creche is set about the fireplace,
Where flickering embers light the Infant's face.
Families gather home from far and near.
It's Christmastime -- the crowning of the year.
~ Shirley Harvey,
   Barre, Vermont

Isn't that beautiful?  Instantly I saw the foil-covered star topping our childhood tree, smelled the red-and-green sugar-topped molasses crinkles, and pictured the glowing red candles at my grandmother's house.  I hope that you all enjoyed the poem, too, and that it evoked some similarly sweet memories for you.

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