Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Yuletide Signs" -- another poem discovery

There's a lot to be said for browsing through old Christmas magazines.  One of the most fun things for me (aside from the recipes, crafts, and decorating ideas) is the discovery of some lovely poems by rural women who contributed them to Country Woman magazine's Readers' Poetry Corner.  I found this in the November/December 1002 issue.  It's by Louise Pugh Corder.

Yuletide Signs
Rushing and bustling,
Secrets and glee,
Shopping and baking, 
Trimming the tree;
Practicing carols, 
Cards from those dear,
Anticipation --
Christmas is near!

Pageants, cantatas,
Candle's gold beam,
Feasting and presents,
Tall fir agleam;
Visiting, worshiping,
Angels bent near,
Birthday celebration --
Christmas is here!
~ Louise Pugh Corder
   Franklinville, North Carolina

I just love how the poet evokes the anticipation and celebration of the season.  It brings back memories of when my kids were at home and all of the gleeful secrets, the shopping and baking, the practicing for cantatas and plays.  Hope you enjoy the poem, too!


  1. I have to put a few of these in the Christmas journal I'm making.

  2. Oh, great idea! Christmas poems would be a wonderful addition to a Christmas journal and should fit well with your memories and pictures.


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