Monday, November 24, 2014

My gift wrap, gift tags, etc. Pinterest board

Gift tags I have made from old cards
Today I am sharing with all of you my Gifts, gift wrap, etc. Pinterest board.  There are so many neat ideas out there for creative gift wrapping and tags.  Some are even printable!  I will share just a few of my pins with you.

I'll start with some simple printable labels with a chalkboard look to them.  Both of these are by Lia Griffith for World Label Blog.  The first set: chalkboard Christmas gift labels
Photo from World Label Blog
 is for any type of gift, and the second set: chalkboard style labels for food gifts

Photo from World Label Blog
 is designed specifically for kitchen gifts.

The Elli Blog has some gorgeous Wooly Woodland printable gift wrap:

photo from The Elli Blog
There are some beautiful gift bags on the board.  This gift bag with sheet music & evergreen sprig is a favorite of mine.  So simple, yet stunning!
photo by The Feathered Nest
These gift bags with printed greeting are so unique.

photo by Thirty Handmade Days
 I would never have thought of this, but I love the idea.  This could be done for any occasion.

This creative gift wrap made from a painter’s drop cloth, from The Idea Room,

photo by The Idea Room
is so pretty and simple.  I love that it can be made either as gift wrap or a gift bag.

And finally, just a few tags.  These washi tape gift tags from Making Home Base

photo by Making Home Base
 are easy, yet so attractive.  Tweens and teens would have fun making these!

photo by A Spoonful of Sugar
These snowflake gift tags (above) from A Spoonful of Sugar are so pretty!

And  lastly, look at these lovely folded gift tags from old Christmas cards!
photo by Jewelry Making Journal
Aren't they so pretty?  Endless room for variety with these!

If these have inspired you to make some handmade wrap, bags, and tags, head on over to my Gifts, gift wrap, etc. Pinterest board for more inspiration!


  1. Love these, thank you!

  2. Ian's Girl -- welcome! I hope you will browse through the archives for more ideas and that you will visit often!

    Terri -- yes, there are some cute ideas here, aren't there? It's always nice to have you visit the Christmas kitchen!

    God bless,
    Mrs. T

  3. I too have tons of Christmas-related pinterest boards... isn't pinterest great??

  4. Oh, it sure is! I love it! Now to find time to actually DO some of these!


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