Thursday, February 05, 2015

A delicious candy recipe!

I like to try out different candy recipes throughout the year so I will be prepared with some ideas when Christmas rolls around.  Very often, the candy recipes work out well for Valentine's Day, too.

This Chunky Peanut Brittle  is a recipe I've been wanting to try for awhile.  The candy really doesn't taste like brittle at all to me, as it isn't hard or crunchy.  It's more like a toffee or Heath bar, just less hard. 

The author of the recipe said other nuts could be substituted for peanuts.  I didn't have peanuts on hand, so I used chopped pecans.  The candy turned out very well in spite of the fact that my candy thermometer is not up to par. I just kept testing it in cold water until it got to what I figured was the hard crack stage, and it worked out fine, but seemed to take a long time.  I probably need to buy a new candy thermometer before next Christmas!


  1. Great idea to try out your recipes throught the year

  2. It works out pretty well! I do still tend to try some new recipes closer to Christmas because I always see something new I want to try. But I really like trying them ahead of time to see if they turn out well and if we enjoy them.


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