Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A belated report on January's Christmas Club meeting

I'm behind the times!  Our local Christmas Club, headed up by my friend Susan, a local librarian,  is meeting tonight.  I'm not going to get there; Mr. T's work hours dictate a very early bedtime and I'm already exhausted, so will have to miss this meeting.  But at the very least I can report on last month's club meeting.

We began our meeting by talking about the Christmas just past and what some of our most memorable moments were.  We talked about traditions old and new that we might have.  We also  talked about what worked out well and what didn't.  For me, the decision to have all handcrafted gifts finished by December 1 was a game-changer.  It really helped me to enjoy December.

We next talked about setting up a gift closet.  Of course it need not be a closet; it can even be an under bed storage tote.  I personally have gifts stashed in several different areas and would really like to streamline that storage.

Organized Christmas even has a great inventory form for your Christmas notebook to keep track of what you have on hand in the gift closet.

Susan had a great idea to make Rudy Day totes ... special tote bags or containers to keep our special Rudy Day items in ... Christmas CDs, tea and coffee, and so on. 

She thought it would be nice if we made them matching, so each club member would have the same.  We could also use them to bring items to Christmas Club meetings.  As far as I know, nothing has been decided about this yet, but it's a fun idea for sure.  Lots of possibilities out there!

Lastly, we talked about recycling our Christmas cards.  Susan showed us a photo collage she had made for her Christmas notebook.  The collage was made with photos and wording from the various Christmas photo cards she and her husband had received.  It was great!

We finished up our meeting by sipping tea and making gift tags out of our old Christmas cards.  We all brought cards, and I had brought tag templates, hole punches, silver cord, and bakers twine. 

A most enjoyable evening was had by all!


  1. Your Christmas club sounds so fun! I enjoy hearing about what you do at your meetings. Right now I'm focusing on making stockings for Christmas for two family members and three friends. I've also started my Christmas letter. I like the idea of a tote for the club members, cute!

  2. It is fun, Vicki! Just a few participants so far, but it's still a good time and very helpful and productive for our Christmas planning, doing, and making.

    Those stockings you are making, I assume those are the cross-stitch ones you showed on your blog. They will be beautiful and I once dreamed of making cross-stitch stockings for grandchildren. In reality, I probably won't ever do that, but one never knows! Good for you starting your Christmas letter, too!

  3. Great post! I'd love to have a Rudolph Day tote, too. This Saturday, I'll be busy setting up the holiday newsletter - with all of Vic's travel, I've got to have someplace to log the places so we can share them all with friends and family and I also have to start working on the ornaments I'm making for a swap. I think I'll make a few extra as well.

  4. Thanks, Pamela! Good for you beginning work on the holiday newsletter! And working on ornaments for a swap ... wonderful! Have you decided (I'm sure you have!) what ornaments you'll be crafting?

  5. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Enjoyed my visit to your Christmas blog!

    1. Wonderful, Mildred! It's so good to see you here! Please visit anytime. I try to celebrate Christmas in July here each year, so there are loads of good ideas in that month's posts. I try to get here every day in December, and as often as I can in between.


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