Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Christmasy find in Idaho!

Photo by Parlor Antiques
We just got back from a wonderful vacation to parts of Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.  I wouldn't have thought such a summer trip would generate any content to share on my Christmas blog, but yes indeed!  In a shop called Parlor Antiques in Buhl, Idaho, I made such a fun Christmasy find that I just had to share it with you all.

This shop has loads of beautiful vintage and antique items spread throughout several rooms and the basement (which I didn't get to visit due to time constraints).  The items I looked at were very reasonably priced.

I spotted a bowl full of vintage paper milk bottle caps and began looking through them just for fun.   I had never realized that these caps were made in special holiday designs.  (I'm well within the age range that remembers when milk was delivered to homes in glass bottles, but I didn't know or remember any special holiday bottle caps.  Our local dairies probably used them, but I didn't drink milk as a child and thus would never have been the one opening the bottle.) 

Back to the antique shop.  In a short time I found three pretty Christmas-themed designs.  The caps were priced at 25¢ so I bought four, in the three different designs.  What fun!

The one with the little red cottage is my top favorite.  Which one do you like the best?

I actually own a Christmas-themed glass milk bottle from the 1990s and I like to bring it out at Christmas time.  I had made my own paper cap to use when storing it, but now I'll be able to use a pretty vintage one. 

What a fun find!  I wish now that I had purchased more of the caps, as I can think of several ways they might be used in crafting and decorating.  Hope you've enjoyed this look at an unusual vintage Christmas item!


  1. That is a great find! My grandmother lived on a farm in Bolivar Missouri and I have several milk bottle caps like that from her milk selling days, but none with holiday designs.
    I also have some decorative milk bottles but for some reason I never thought of putting the caps on them until I read this post! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. Enjoy your weekend...

    1. How funny that you never thought of combining the milk bottle caps with the decorative milk bottles! That's the great thing about blogging -- the ideas and inspiration we get from others.

  2. What a cute find! We collect milk bottles, but have them put away yet from redoing kitchen.

    1. Isn't it cute, Lana? That's neat that you have a milk bottle collection!

  3. My favorite is the one with the candle. Lovely, I would have tons of ideas for using something like that for Christmas crafts. Awesome buy

  4. Thanks for sharing which is your favorite, Lucie! I wish that those tons if ideas which I now have, had come to me as I stood looking though the bowl of caps! I would have bought all of the Christmasy ones.


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