Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A few posts from the August archives

Graphic from The Old Design Shop
Here are just a very few posts from the August archives here at my Christmas kitchen.  I suppose that, at least for the past few years when I've been doing Christmas in July, I have a good excuse for August being rather a lean month as far as postings are concerned. 

How I adapted the “Christmas in a Can” idea might give others some inspiration for gifts to help with a family's Christmas celebrating.
A dollar store find inspired me to make this Quote Journal for a friend.  If you can find a pretty, small blank book or journal, you might like to do the same.   Give her God’s Word in your handwriting is a post I found by Karen Ehman that presents a similar and very good idea for friends.

Candied Walnuts are a wonderful kitchen gift in their own right, but also great topping a salad of spring mix, dried cranberries or blueberries, and feta or blue cheese with a fruity vinaigrette.
Photo from Taste of Home

Have fun with these ideas!


  1. I love your Christmas Tea coasters. I do not sew - I should take some classes because I love to be in a fabric store during the holidays. So many beautiful patters for coasters, placemats, napkins. I really have to take a class and dust off that sewing machine in the closet that only makes an appearance when Vic needs to sew new insignia on his uniforms.

  2. I started with a basic pattern for those coasters and just added the "Christmas Tea" embroidery. Later I made a second set that I felt came out much nicer.

    Coasters and mug rugs are so enjoyable to make. I have one coaster pattern that only requires straight seams and is easy as can be. Much easier than pie, actually! Take a look at these: Easy “Patchwork” Coasters. They are worth dusting off your sewing machine for (and probably quite a bit easier than sewing on insignia!

  3. The coasters are beautiful! and I loved candied walnuts

    1. Thanks, Lucie! I love candied walnuts too, and pecans even more so.


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