Tuesday, October 31, 2017

From the October archives here in the Christmas kitchen ..

In both of my blogs, I've been trying to do a couple posts from the archives each month.  In the process of trying to do so for October,  I've found that there were some Octobers when I didn't post here at all.  Shame on me!  The only excuse I can come up with is that October tends to be a busy month for us and a time when we often have traveled somewhere.  For whatever reason, there's a scarcity of posts in the October archives.

As a result, I only have a few links to share today.  Here goes:

From 2007, Easy Patchwork Coasters are a project I've made many times and referred to many times on both blogs.  They're not really patchwork, but look that way as a result of folding, stitching, and turning.  A project I highly recommend for using up smallish scraps of Christmas fabric!
This Advent Countdown project is one I did some years ago from a Gooseberry Patch Christmas book.  I actually made three of these.  It took some time but was a very rewarding project.
This post on Baking, Beverage, and Seasoning Mixes shares a link to a long list of such mixes.  I love giving these as part of a gift basket!
A fun little gift for a 1-year-old is fabric alphabet letters to play with and, as they get older, to spell out words.

And lastly, I blogged about a favorite kids' book from my own childhood: The Animals’ Merry Christmas!
Hope you've enjoyed this quick browse through the archives!


  1. Love the Advent calendar!

  2. I too love your Advent calendar! Have a wonderful day, Mrs T.


    1. Thank you, Sandi! You have a wonderful day as well!

  3. I love when you revisit the archives. Always interesting. Have done an advent calendar one year but love yours.

    1. Oh, I am glad you enjoy the archives, Lucie! I need to do that for November. Yes, I love this advent calendar too. I don't actually own one of these myself ... made one for each of my grown kids and their families.


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