Thursday, January 10, 2019

Next year's Christmas stamps -- check!

Yes, you read that right -- I have that item all checked off!

December is over, and I'm popping back into the Christmas kitchen this week.  I have lots to share, but for today I just want to share something I've done for the second year now: ordered my Christmas stamps online for the coming holiday.

Last year, I ordered the Christmas Carols stamps and so that's what I used for 2018's cards.  There are only a few of them left now.
 As cards arrived from others, though, I kept seeing these bird stamps that I liked even more.  I decided that I would order some for Christmas 2019.

So I did.  Just a short time ago I ordered 3 sets of the Birds in Winter stamps and one set of the Global Mail Poinsettia stamps, which I like even better than the Succulents I bought for international mail last year.
Aren't they pretty?
The stamps arrived today.  What a relief to know that my Christmas stamps are all bought and paid for and that I have designs I truly like rather than settling for what the post office has available in December. 

If you've never tried doing this, I highly recommend it.  Just go to and take a look at what's available.  I'm so happy to have this task off my list already!


  1. One thing I don't think about ! usually I think about it in october and they are not out here yet.

    1. Does the postal service in Canada have a website? I bet you could find Christmas stamps there if they do. Our post offices locally don't get them till closer to Christmas, but the website has them year round.


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