Saturday, January 13, 2007

Welcome to My Christmas Kitchen!

Welcome to my Christmas kitchen!

Come on in! Here's a peg so you can hang up your coat. Leave your boots by the door and put on a pair of cozy slippers. There's cranberry-orange juice mulling and a crackling fire in the woodstove. There's a tin full of Christmas cookies for nibbling on, and more are baking. Golden Apricot Cakes are cooling on the kitchen table, and I'm just now scraping the last layer of Heavenly Delight fudge into a square pan. Sit down and visit awhile!

I've been thinking for a long time now about creating another blog -- one with a specifically Christmas theme. Would anyone be interested in reading about and planning for Christmas all year long? Well, I would, for one -- and I only have to take a look at the busy forums on, one of my favorite sites to visit, to come to the conclusion that plenty of other people would, as well.

I love Christmas -- and especially the Reason for Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Himself. I personally love the idea of planning for, preparing for, and thinking about Christmas, all year long. So I've decided to give this a try, for my own benefit if for nothing else. Here's where I'll detail my Christmas planning, stash my Christmas recipes and my craft and decorating ideas. I'll undoubtedly post a few photos and some of my little collection of vintage Christmas cards. I most likely won't post here every day; maybe only once a week or so at first, but in December I'll be here in the Christmas kitchen every day for sure. You're welcome to join me here too!

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