Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter decorating find -- a glittery blue church!

Just wanted to show you all this pretty church I found at Marshalls a few days after Christmas. I had actually had my eye on this before Christmas, and told myself that if it was still there and could be had for a reasonable price post-holiday, I would get it for my winter decorating. I love to add glitter and sparkle to January with things like this that say "winter" and not necessarily just "Christmas".

When we went in, there was the church still available and it was only $5! After I picked it up, I noticed that the steeple, which should have been atop the bell tower, was missing. I did inquire about that (thinking I might get it for even less) but found that only one discount could be applied -- either the discount for after Christmas, or some other (lesser) percentage for the damaged item. I still felt that $5 was a reasonable price, and I can either fabricate another steeple out of card stock or simply camouflage the large staple at the top of the bell tower with textured snow medium and glitter.

Here's the front view of the church -- you can see the little bell in the tower!

After I brought my find home and we were all admiring it, my granddaughter noticed a little switch on the underside of the church. We guessed that it must light up. Well, it not only lights up -- it is fiber optic, so the lights change color! I really like the church better unlighted, but it is pretty in pink ...

... in blue ...

... in purple ...

... and in a sort of periwinkle color as well.

Other colors also show up in the rotation, including green and yellow. The colors you see here are the ones I happened to catch with the camera.

What fun it will be to put this church out with my other winter decorations. And I really need to make time for that this week!

What winter decorations do you have? What ones are your favorites?


  1. What a great find! I've recently started collecting the cardboard houses. They are just a great Christmas and winter time decoration!!

  2. Welcome, auntdeedee!

    Yes, *wasn't* this a great find! I just love the cardboard houses. I am hoping to make some of the smaller ones for this Christmas.

    Thanks for visiting my Christmas kitchen! Please come back and visit anytime... the archives are full, too.

    God bless,


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