Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Gift tags from 2009's Christmas cards

(A scan of an actual Christmas tag my grandmother put on a present years ago.)

As usual, I took a few minutes here and there to turn many of the previous year's Christmas cards into gift tags. Several cards were so pretty or special I saved them to display another year. And I did throw some of the cards away because they were just not suitable for making into tags. But I did make quite a number of tags.

I have some special templates from Current that I trace to make the tags. They work well because you can see the design centered (or however you want it) within the template and so you can see clearly what the tag will look like, or if you can get more than one tag from a particular card. Then I use a small hole punch to put a hole in each tag, and add a string to each one. And that's it!

This is always a fun "decompressing" project for me after the busyness of Christmas. Simple and stress-free! Below are some of my favorite tags from this batch:

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