Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A "Christmas caravan" ornament

Our Canadian and British friends call this a "caravan".  Here in the states we are more likely to call it a camper  or camping trailer -- in this case, a cute little vintage one.  I found the camper design in the Sublime Stitching collection called "Camp Out".  I've used this design for dish towels and they came out very cute, but I decided to also try making it into a Christmas ornament, and this is the result.

It was easy to decide what colors to use to make it Christmasy, but a bit more difficult to figure out how to make this into an ornament.  I made the design smaller by first scanning it, then shrinking it to make it a better size for an ornament.  It's still quite large and probably would look better hung in a window or from a peg rack or something, rather than on the Christmas tree.  Then I used a homespun in a Christmas plaid, along with green felt, to make the ornament itself.  It has a wire hanger trimmed with buttons, and as you can see I put it all together with blanket stitching on each layer.  I found the design in Gooseberry Patch Christmas, Book 3.  It was used for cross-stitch ornaments there, but I found the design worked admirably for embroidered ornaments, too.  What a fun project this was!


  1. I like your caravan

  2. I'm glad you like the caravan ornament, Dorothea! Thanks for visiting my Christmas kitchen. Please come and visit again anytime!


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