Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday cruising mission accomplished!

(Photo from a previous year; we have snow, but not that much!)

Well, I haven't exactly been keeping up with all of FlyLady's holiday cruising missions (designed to help us cruise through the holidays) but I did manage the one for today.  The assignment was to decorate one place in your home for Christmas.  I had to think about this for awhile.  All of my Thanksgiving decor is still in place, and I didn't have time to change everything around today.  Then I realized I could do the glass-topped crafting desk in my bedroom.  I typically keep seasonal cards and other paper treasures displayed under the glass, and the desk needed decluttering and dusting anyway, so I accomplished two things at once.  I changed the fall/Thanksgiving cards for some Christmas/winter ones and decluttered so that now the only items on the desk have to do with Christmas crafts I still need to make. 
The cards I just added; this shows one half of the desk top

And here is the other half.  Decorating done here and the decks all cleared for more Christmas crafting!

It feels good to have this task accomplished and has inspired me to start swapping fall for Christmas downstairs tomorrow!

I've also been getting a lot of Christmas crafting done this weekend, which is a great encouragement.  As soon as we put the tree up (hopefully this weekend), I will start gift wrapping.


  1. I had not checked your Christmas blog in quite a while Mrs T. Love all the pretty things you have been working on. Hope that cold is better. I had one about two weeks ago that really laid me low! I blamed it on the grandchildren!!

  2. Thanks, Arlene! I have been working on lots of other things which I can't publish yet because the recipients read my blogs. Will be sure and show photos when the time comes!

    My cold is better, thanks. Not gone, but better. And yes, I am also blaming it on the grandchildren!


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