Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2013 Christmas Cards

Small vintage card from my personal collection
 My Christmas cards for this year have arrived!  Yes, I ordered them early.  I can usually find cards I like in Wal*mart, but it involves getting into the Christmas aisles nice and early and browsing through design after design.  Sometimes I find a card where I love the design,  but I'm not as pleased with the message or the particular Scripture they chose for it.  As I said, I nearly always find something (though sometimes I have to visit more than one Wal*Mart), but it can be a hassle, and the cards seem to become more expensive each year.

So on a whim, when I was ordering some fun school supplies for my granddaughters from Dayspring, I decided to see what they had for clearance Christmas cards.  And they had some I was very pleased with!  The designs are beautiful with a bit of a vintage feel, the quality is high, the message heartfelt, and the KJV Scripture verses used are a bit different from the usual "Christmas verses".  Here are the designs I chose:
Photo from Dayspring.com
O Holy Night cards</>
Photo from Dayspring.com
Christmas Brings to Light cards</>
 I checked the site today and these are still available.  Plus, there are two other similar designs which are very pretty.  These come in boxes of 18 cards and sell for $4.99.  If you haven't purchased your Christmas cards yet, you might like to check out the Dayspring site!


  1. Thanks, Luludou! I thought so too, and the price was certainly right!


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