Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time to make a new stocking!

The family's stockings interspersed with those of their local family members.  You can see that the crocheted stockings are third, sixth, seventh, and ninth in line.
 Some years ago, I crocheted some stockings for a few of the grandkids that we had at the time.  I didn't really expect these to become their actual Christmas stockings -- I just thought it would be fun to make them some personalized decorative stockings and had a crochet stocking pattern I wanted to try.  However, one of the families -- our daughter, son-in-law and family who live in the West -- has made them their default Christmas stockings.  I'm tickled about that!
Cream with dark red trim and a green tag
They just had a new baby in June, and so I am getting ready to crochet another stocking.  I'm thankful that they sent the picture of their stockings hanging from their local parents/grandparents' mantel, because I couldn't remember just what color combinations I had already used.  I've been trying to keep it to the same 3 colors -- dark red, dark green, and cream -- but just using them in varying combinations.  The photo at top will help me decide what to use this time around.
Dark green with dark red trim and a white tag
I'll be starting this project soon.  It will be fun to crochet another stocking!


  1. Christmas stockings are such a great tradition, and to have stockings stitched with love just makes the tradition more meaningful!

  2. So true, Vicki! I love that the kids have made the crocheted stockings a tradition in their family. These stockings are most imperfectly stitched and every one has turned out just a bit different in size and shape due to some issues I've had with reading the pattern, but they love and use them anyway.

  3. Hi Mrs.T...such a sweet tradition! The stockings are so cute ... love the colors!

  4. I love traditions like these! My mum knitted my sons Christmas stockings when they were born and they are now in their late 20's and still hang them each year. Mum has now passed away so they are a fond reminder of her love.

  5. Teri and Pinksparkle, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments.

    Teri, I love the colors too. It's been fun deciding how to combine them for the various stockings.

    Pinksparkle, what a sweet remembrance of your mother for your sons to have! That is what I hope my handmade gifts will eventually be to my grandchildren. So nice that the boys still hang the stockings each year!

  6. LOVE Christmas stockings!! I have always wanted to try to make one myself but since I don't sew or anything I guess I have to stick to buying them!

  7. Welcome, Mid Century Pink! Yes, Christmas stockings are such a fun tradition. My hubby and I have been married nearly 40 years and we still fill a stocking for one another. So much fun!

    Don't be too sure you couldn't make one ... I bet one could be made out of felt with just simple hand-sewing. Check Pinterest -- there's probably some good ideas there!

  8. I've made just one crocheted stocking - a big one and it's MINE!! :) kids had some bear stockings since they were little and don't want to change. I would like to make new ones though.

  9. It's sort of sweet that the kids don't want to change from the stockings they've always used. But maybe someday they will want to.

    I just finished the one I was making -- just need to embroider and add the little name tag, but the crocheting is done!

  10. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I just had to peek in and see what neat crafts you have going on. :)So sweet!

  11. Hi Nikki!

    It's so good to see you here!!! I need to actually post some more pics of crafts both here and on my regular blog. I've been making lots of gifts lately but haven't wanted to post pics until after the recipients got them. Plus I am anticipating some camera issues when I go to upload them.

    Just finishing up a bunch of felt food for Elliott (in NV) who turns 4 on Friday. Nothing really new, just sandwich buns, cheese slices, meat, lettuce, tomatoes.

    Joanna sent me a bunch of felt links and ideas, so I am set with potential projects for months (and maybe years!) to come!


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