Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A finished* UFO

  The adorable Digital Washi Tape  may be found at A Typical English Home.  She also has a nifty polka dot assortment.
 * that is not completely "finished" -- because it still needs a frame.

(I apologize mightily for the quality of this photo.  My husband had been using the camera previously (to take pictures of flowers, at my request) and I'm assuming some of his settings, or the time of day, might have made a difference to the pics I tried to take with it afterward.  I promise, I will get a better picture when we get it framed.)

This embroidered winter scene had been started by a friend many years ago.  She had completed the snowman and the children around him, and I think part of the barn, but that was all.  Later she was cleaning out her needlework stash because her eyesight wasn't conducive to it anymore, and gave me a lot of things, including this just-begun winter scene.  I had always wanted to make something like this, so it worked out well.

I'm thankful to have it finished at last.  Now my hubby wants to make a frame for it.  Really, I think any wooden frame would do, but his sister suggested a birch log frame, so that is what he is planning to do. 
The birch log frame in this picture is the type he wants to make to frame the embroidery.
 He's very busy, so I think we will be doing well if he gets it completed in time for us to hang the picture on the wall this winter.

Interestingly, this design is called "Snow Angels".  What's funny is that my other major UFO is a cross stitch (on 18 count Aida; yikes!)
and it is also called "Snow Angels"!


  1. I believe this is the most spectacular embroidery I have ever seen! It is beautiful! I can't wait to see it framed! It must have taken a great deal of time! Just wonderful, Mrs. T!!

  2. Oh, Mrs. Smith! You are very kind! Thanks so much for your compliments on the embroidery. It did take awhile, but I only worked on it now and then over a few years until I could see it was getting close (then I worked on it more often!), and just finished it in July. I'll be sure and post a picture when we get it framed.

    Thanks again. You are sweet!


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