Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Making a list ...

From my collection of vintage cards
Yesterday was a beautiful summer day.  I sat out on the patio and worked in my Christmas notebook.  I've had a tentative Christmas list in progress since January, and a list of handcrafted gifts in a document on the computer.  Yesterday I put them all together.  There are still a few people I'm undecided about what to get or make for, but probably three-quarters of my list is done.

I made out timelines to set dates I want to have certain gifts finished by.  Some of the handcrafted gifts are for birthdays, and some of the recipients (for both birthdays and Christmas) are several time zones away, so I will need to make sure those items are sent out in plenty of time to arrive in a timely manner.

Yes, there is more planning to be done.  But what a great feeling to have accomplished so much!  Now to get started on the first item ... my first deadline is September 15 for a Sept. 28 birthday.  I'm off to get busy!


  1. Thanks for the lovely vintage card image. I shall copy the verse to send to my friends. I need to start a list and hopefully make one or two gifts this year.
    I look forward to your postings, please keep them coming!
    I'm from the uk so it's interesting to hear how your weather is too.

  2. You are most welcome, pinksparkle! I love the vintage card images so much more than what we can get today. I'm glad you liked it (and its most meaningful verse) as well and that you will be copying the verse to send to your friends. A lovely idea!

    So glad you look forward to my postings. Did you see all of the posts from July? I did one every day. I do have a couple more short posts in mind for this week.

    Our summer weather has been quite different than usual. We've had a lot of rain. But Monday was beautiful; sunny, just warm enough and with a great breeze. The rest of the week looks nice too, with sunny days and temps in the high 70s (F) -- sorry I can't translate that into (C), but maybe you can. Have a great day!

  3. My lists are ready too! It's that time of the year to prepare. I prep for Halloween & Christmas.

  4. Great job, Luludou -- having your lists already done!

    I don't do anything for Halloween, but I do a lot of decorating for fall which, with a little tweaking, will carry me right through Thanksgiving (late November here in the US!). Then right after that I am ready to decorate for Christmas!


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