Saturday, July 09, 2016

Another doll giveaway from Pixie Faire and Liberty Jane!

Photo by Pixie Faire
Yes, it's week 3 of the doll giveaways at Pixie Faire!  There will be five giveaways in all.  What a great opportunity to win a doll for Christmas gifting!

Again, these are the new Wellie Wishers dolls from American Girl® -- they are 14.5 inches tall rather than the normal American Girl® 18-inch dolls -- and the giveaway is sponsored by Pixie Faire and Liberty Jane.  The doll for this week's giveaway is Ashlyn, and you can enter here: Ashlyn Doll Giveaway.  How I would love to see one of my readers win!


  1. So cute! My daughter is too old for a doll but I'm going to enter to see if I can win one to donate to a worthy cause at Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I have two granddaughters that would love this doll. I would actually love one myself!


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