Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another mailbox card!

 If you've read here very long at all, you know that I love Christmas cards (especially vintage ones) with a mailbox theme.  I don't know exactly why -- I think perhaps because they are reminders of a safer, more innocent time and of the generosity and creativity people used in sharing Christmas remembrances with their families, friends, and neighbors.  I was so tickled recently to find this card from the 1970s.

As always, the details thrill me: the lighted tree, the cozy home in the background, the chickadee perched on the mailbox flag.  So sweet.  Even better, the card is from my great-aunt Helen.  A treasure to keep and enjoy!


  1. That's a lovely card - I like themed cards as well - front doors is one of my favorites, especially with a pretty wreath hanging on them.

    1. Oh yes, front doors! Those are special too. And I also like scenes in which the front door is open, revealing a festive, welcoming room inside.

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it, Vicki! I just love vintage cards.


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