Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ideas for making a Christmas tree skirt

This shows a segment of my own tree skirt ... a candlewicking kit from the 1980s
 I've found a few fun ideas for making Christmas tree skirts.  and thought I would share my finds for Christmas in July.

Photo from The Paper Mama
This Happy  Christmas tree skirt is a fun idea.  From Chelsey at The Paper Mama, it's  made from felt with pompoms trimming the edge and sequin trim spelling out a saying.  She chose "Happy Christmas", but you could do "Merry Christmas", "Let it Snow", or any other Christmasy saying of suitable length to fit on the skirt.

Photo by Homey Home Design
Above, I also found this Pottery Barn style tree skirt -- an elegant idea from Jody at Homey Home Design.  It's made from a painter's drop cloth and trimmed with gray felt leaves.  She then trimmed the leaves with white pompoms.  I think pearls might be even prettier!

My own tree skirt (seen above and at the top of the post) is candlewicking, a very 1970s-1980s revival of a much older craft technique.  You can read about my tree skirt here: candlewicking tree skirt.  This was made from a kit which my parents had given me many years ago.  I looked on eBay and saw a few similar kits, but nothing just the same.  They are pricey.

I keep thinking I would like to make a new one.  I've seen some lovely patchwork ideas, and some  cross-stitch ones which are especially beautiful.  But then, we usually place a lighted village beneath our tree, so not much of the tree skirt is seen anyway!

Hope you've enjoyed these ideas!


  1. What creative ideas for tree skirts, thank you for sharing. I really like you Christmas Village under the tree. I may borrow that idea!

    1. Glad you enjoyed these ideas, Vicki! I'd really like to try making one of these some year.

      Feel free to borrow the Christmas village idea. We have fun with it!

  2. Pretty ideas! I'm using one that I made from a kit my Mum bought for me. Another reminder of how much she loved Christmas too.

    1. Thanks, Pamela. I think that's probably why I keep on using the one I made from a kit my parents got for me. A neat reminder that they really took time to think about something I would truly enjoy. And yes, a nice reminder of how my mother loved Christmas and all the joyful preparations.

  3. Those are cute ideas. Maybe one year I will embroider a skirt. For now I use a red tablecloth. It works pretty good.

    1. Oh yes, a red tablecloth would work perfectly. I use a piece of vintage Christmas fabric as a skirt under one of our trees.

      But an embroidered tree skirt would be lovely too ...


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