Friday, July 29, 2016

Peruse my Pinterest boards!

I seem to be adding more Christmas Pinterest boards on a pretty regular basis.  Throughout this month I've shared a few links to my boards, but I haven't mentioned all of them by any means.  So I thought I would do so now.  First off is my Christmas board, the first Christmas board I created. This one has a little bit of everything, from recipes to trees to gift and decorating ideas.  Lots of fun stuff here!

I will add the others in no particular order.  Here we go!

There's my Vintage Christmas board.  It has so many nostalgic delights that bring back memories from my childhood!
Here's an example:
Vintage Christmas carol booklet from my personal collection
Then there's a related board, Christmas cards and sentiments, which contains many beautiful cards and related things like the greetings and small designs inside them.

 This is a favorite of mine and you may well find cards on both of the above boards too.  Below is a favorite card from my own collection:

You would probably also like to visit my Christmas Decorating Inspiration board.

A visit to this board always inspires me and I'm sure it will do the same for others.

The Advent Calendars and Christmas Countdowns 

board has quite a number of intriguing ideas.  Sometimes I pin things from my own blog so I will not forget where to find pictures of my projects.  The Advent countdown below is a project I made some years ago.  I made three of these.  They were a Gooseberry Patch craft idea and fun to do.
My Kitchen Gifts board has loads of ideas that work well for friends, family and neighbors.

I've already mentioned my Christmas Cookie Exchange! board this month.

Then there is a board for Christmas hospitality

and one for Christmas breakfast.

Whether you're looking for a Christmas devotional to bless your own quiet time or to share with others, you're sure to find something on my Christmas devotionals board.

You can also find help for your  Christmas planning and preparation.  Who couldn't use some new and proven ideas in that department?
Then there's my Crafting for Christmas board

and my previously mentioned Christmas Fabric Stash board,

as well as the Gift wrap and tags to make board.

Not all of the wrappings on this board are for Christmas, but you'll find some fun ideas there.

So take some time to peruse my Christmas Pinterest boards.  Inspiration is guaranteed!   In fact, you will find further inspiration on many of my boards, whether sewing projects, handmade gifts, crochet, fun with felt --- I can't take time to link to all of them, so  check out these boards for yourself, okay?


  1. I always enjoy seeing what you pin!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! I notice sometimes you re-pin, and I always enjoy seeing your pins as well.

  2. Thanks for a great post, Mrs. T. I read your blog a lot, but now I have the pinterest connection. We like a lot of the same things/people. Mary in VA

  3. You're welcome, Mary! I am glad you have the Pinterest connection now. I started following some of your boards, as well! We do indeed share a lot of the same interests!


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