Thursday, July 13, 2017

More than a gift tag!

Photo from Laura's Crafty Life
Here's another nifty idea from Laura at Laura's Crafty Life: Christmas Shaker Tags!

Talk about creative ideas!  I'm not sure I would ever have come up with anything like this.  These tags combine elements from scrapbooking and card making, and have all the appeal of a Christmas snow globe, ready to be shaken.

They do require the use of a FUSE tool, which I do not own, as well as a few other items I don't keep on hand.  But if you are a card maker or a scrapbooker, you likely have nearly everything you would need to make a bunch of these.  More than a gift tag, they are like a little extra gift that the recipient may want to hang on their Christmas tree or display with their cards.

Have fun with this idea!  I think I may be pricing a FUSE tool, because this is such a neat project.

[Edited to add: I looked on Amazon, and here is one example of a FUSE tool which sells for around $20 and looks like a neat little gadget to own: American Crafts Fuse Tool.]


  1. That is a fun idea, a gift tag that turns into a Christmas ornament. I've seen something similar used as a bookmark or embellishment for planners. I don't own a FUSE tool either.

  2. Wow! these are really original. very good idea

  3. Very pretty! I've never heard of a FUSE tool, I'm off to check it out...

  4. Cute. I also do not know of a fuse tool.

  5. Cute idea. Don't have a fuse tool either but do have a bag sealer. Wonder if that would work?

  6. Hi ladies! So nice to have you all here. Marie, I'm not sure if a bag sealer would work or not, so but it would be worth a try. If you can use something you already have, so much the better.

    I decided to check out FUSE tools on Amazon. Found one for around $20. It looks like something it might be helpful to have for other paper crafting projects. You can see it here: American Crafts Fuse Tool.


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