Sunday, July 23, 2017

Poem: Stocking Stuffer

Today I'm sharing another poem from the 2010 Christmas Ideals magazine.  Today's featured poem is titled Stocking Stuffer, and is written by Elizabeth Collier.

Stocking Stuffer

Christmas fills the senses 
In a most delicious way.
The sight and sound and taste of it
For one full month hold sway.
Crisp and brittle holly wreaths,
Candles' velvet glow;
The smell of cookies baking,
The crunch of sparkling snow,
The eyes of little children
A-shine with hope and joy,
The shimmer of the Christmas tree,
Its base all banked with toys.
Christmas fills the senses, true,
But this is just a part;
For even more than all the rest,
Christmas fills the heart.
~ Elizabeth Collier

This is such a lovely poem!  I thought the photo of my two granddaughters decorating cookies last Christmas was the perfect illustration.


  1. I like the poem and you have a couple cute granddaughters!

    1. Thanks, Lana! They are cute, I have to agree.

  2. Cute poem and sweet photo of your grand-girls!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! This cookie-baking photo is cute indeed.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a precious photo!

    1. Thanks, Pamela. They do cookie baking every year, but this is the first time little Arielle has been able to be really involved.

  4. The poem is great , but the picture is AWESOME!

    1. Thanks, Lucie! I love that photo.


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