Sunday, July 16, 2017

Poem: "Signs of Christmas"

I came into possession of a new-to-me Christmas Ideals magazine from 2010.  It has some lovely stories in it, but as usual, I especially enjoy the pictures and the poems.  Today I am featuring the poem Signs of Christmas, by Lucille King.

Signs of Christmas

Carols singing, church bells ringing, 
It's Christmastime again.
Wind a-blowing, hearth fires glowing, 
Candles shine in windowpanes.

Pine and holly, fir and hemlock,
A bunch of mistletoe or more;
Skaters skating, children laughing,
A jolly snowman by the door.

White-capped roofs and horses' hooves
Clattering o'er a crusted snow;
Sleigh bells jingling, store bells tinkling
As the shoppers come and go.

Candy canes and crowded lanes,
Goodwill and peace to men;
All around, this spirit abounds --
It's Christmastime again.
~ Lucille King

I love this for the way it conjures up so many different sounds and scenes of the Christmas season.  Hope you have enjoyed it, too!


  1. It conjures up a time of a more peaceful, less hectic time, a small town in New England perhaps. Even though it says, As the shoppers come and go, I feel like they are all stopping to say hello and Merry Christmas to one another.

    1. Absolutely, Pamela! You are picturing it just as I did! I am almost thinking I will post this again sometime, interspersing images from my collection of vintage Christmas cards.

  2. I have a book of poems and stories that I love reading.

    1. Christmas poems and stories are wonderful for getting us in the Christmas spirit, I find.

  3. You have such a good eye for discovering Christmas poems/postcards/vintage cards, etc. Thank you for sharing your discoveries with us!

    1. Thank you, Vicki! What a sweet comment! You are most welcome and I'm glad you enjoy these discoveries.


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