Saturday, July 15, 2017

Some small and simple kitchen gifts

I've blogged about this before, but I was looking back in my July archives and decided to share it again.  This post from July 2007 details my nifty idea for Christmas giving -- I'd been inspired by seeing some spice mixes packaged in fabric bags along with recipes, and thought this would be an idea I'd like to try.

This 2012 post shares a link for many baking, beverage, and seasoning mixes as well as some of my own recipes.

And this post from my regular blog, written in 2010,  describes the Kitchen Gift in a Pie Plate which is pictured at the top of the post.  This was such a fun gift to put together!

You can see that I've made pumpkin pie spice and apple pie spice, and then I made some of my favorite pie recipes into a little cookbook to go along with them, packaging the entire gift in a unique spatterware pie plate. 

[Edited to add: You can find these recipe cards at Graphic GardenIn the left sidebar you will see the category "Free Printables."  Down near the bottom of the list, click on "Recipe Cards".  There are so many beautiful designs to choose from!  The  ones I've used here are from the "Seasonal" category and are called "Winter cabin/blank".  At the top of the "Recipe Cards" page, you will find detailed instructions for how to use them.  You can either print them out blank and write on them, or save them to your computer and type on them as I have done here. ]  

I'm starting to get inspired by the mix idea all over again, in fact.  Hope others have as much fun with this idea as I did!


  1. Those are the cutest recipe cards! Was it a template?

    1. Those are free printables, Pamela, from Graphic Garden. I am going to edit the post to share that information.

  2. Every year I think I'm going to give mixes as gifts, but I never do. I love the idea of it (secretly I think I just wish someone would make one for me!) and one of these years I'm going to get myself together and just do it!

    1. I did this for my daughters one year, Vicki. And another year, long before I began blogging, I made many different mixes as a gift for our aging parents. Things like muffin and cookie mixes, chili and soup mixes.


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