Saturday, May 12, 2007

Planning ahead for Christmas crafting

One of the best resources to help with planning ahead for Christmas is I have a link over in the sidebar. Go there and take a look at all the helps they have available. There's everything from printed forms for a Christmas notebook, to recipes, to ideas and instructions for gifts, to forums on everything from decorating to cooking, crafting, making gift baskets, etc. Later on, I'll share my Christmas notebook here. It is extremely helpful in planning our Christmas gifts, activities, etc.

The craft forum has been particularly helpful to me. They offer a crafting challenge every week. I haven't been able to take part while busy with my writing project, but hope I can get back into it soon. One thing they urge, which I tried to do last year and am doing slightly better with this year, is to make a list of craft projects you want to do for Christmas and a timeline for finishing them. Here's what I've done:

1) Made a list of gifts to craft for 2007 (also includes any gifts I want to make for birthdays or other occasions)

2) Made a list of materials I still need to buy for these projects (this list is very short, thanks to my practice of thinking I can make more gifts than I have time for -- in other words, I bought the materials a year or two ago!)

3) Made a timeline for finishing these projects. I looked at all of the projects I had to do and divided the list up into 2 or 3 projects per month. This works well except that I've already missed my first 2 deadlines of March 25 and April 25. These particular projects were quick, easy ones, so I can lump them in with another month. I've set my timeline up to end on November 25, so I can maybe have the month of December free. Maybe... !

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