Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More fun with felt food

Here is some of the play food I made for grandkids' Christmas gifts. I didn't get all of the things made that I planned to, so will be making more of these, plus some other, for spring birthdays coming up. Not all of this is made of felt, as you will see for yourself.

I made a bunch of felt Cheez-It® crackers and my husband found small boxes of Cheez-Its® which we emptied out and put the felt crackers (packed in zip-top bags) into. They came out really cute but apparently I forgot to take pictures. Suffice it to say that they look real enough that my 1-year-old grandson tried to eat a handful. Hope they keep the rest of the food out of his reach. You can see pictures and a tutorial here: Felt Cheez-It® Crackers.

I also made some felt Christmas cookies. I wish I had had time to make more of these as they came out simply adorable. Next year! Here is a plate of cookies.

And here are the cookies packaged in a zip-top bag for giving and storage.

This next one is supposed to be a pincushion, but I couldn't resist making a chocolate donut! I wanted to make 2, and then 2 more for another family, but ran out of time. I used beads rather than pins for sprinkles, but they still wouldn't be safe for a child of the age to put everything in his mouth. Neither would the Christmas cookies, which also have beads instead of sugar crystals.

Here's the donut on a plate:

And in a bag, ready to give.

Lastly, I made some bow-tie pasta. This was very easy and came out so real-looking. Here are a few bow ties on a plate:

And more of them in a bag:

Still on my list: pancakes, cinnamon rolls, bacon & eggs, cheeseburgers, popsicles....


  1. I love the doughnut!
    would you consider sharing the pattern?
    I see your a visitor to the Magical Holiday home boards with you ruddy days LOL so am I!
    I found you doing a search on prayer notebooks.

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks for stopping by my Christmas kitchen! Sure, I would be happy to share the link to the doughnut pattern. It may take me a bit of time to find it, but I will try and post the link tomorrow.

    That is so neat that you found me via a search on prayer notebooks. Hope my prayer journal info will be helpful to you -- there is much more of it on my other blog, Across My Kitchen Table. Please stop by and visit either blog, any time.

    God bless,


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