Friday, July 20, 2012

Christmas in July table runner from Sew4Home!

(Photo by Sew4Home)
 Here is another fun Christmas in July project from Sew4Home and Moda fabrics -- a patchwork table runner trimmed with pom-poms!  Here is the link to this pretty project:  Patchwork Table Runner.

One year, I made simple Christmas table runners for each of my married children and gave them just after Thanksgiving.   That was many years ago but it is always fun for me to see one of those simple runners on my daughter's table during December. 

This patchwork one is way cuter, of course.  In fact, I just may have to make a few of these!


  1. What a beautiful runner!! I love patchwork!


  2. I do too, Debbie! I actually made a pieced Christmas runner for myself a couple of years ago (and am still working on the matching place mats) but I think I like this one even better. Going to have to make some of these...

  3. I had to visit your Christmas blog today as I am thinking of December as well!! Love the table runner!

  4. Love the runner.....I am thinking of the holidays so I came to visit your Christmas blog!

  5. Hi Arlene!

    So happy you survived the family vacay! Tiring I am sure, but what a nice opportunity for the family to spend time together. Some vacations are just not relaxing, but still very worthwhile for the togetherness aspect. It looked as if the children were all having so much fun together (although I am sure they had their moments).

    Yes, I love this table runner and hope to try making one. I may not put the pom-poms all the way around .. think it might be pretty with the pom-poms just on the ends. Thanks for visiting ... as you can see I've been trying to observe Christmas in July by posting here a lot this month.


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