Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making a [quarterly crafting] list...

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 Here's an idea that has really encouraged and motivated me as I craft throughout the year, with much of my crafting being handmade gifts for Christmas and other occasions.  A friend on a favorite crafting forum suggested keeping a list of quarterly crafting accomplishments.  This is so encouraging!  So often we keep a list of craft projects we want to do -- and occasionally we cross one off -- and when all is crossed off we throw the list away.  Or, we keep the list, cross off very few completed projects and (in my case, anyway) then we lose the list.  I started keeping these quarterly reports in the first quarter of 2011, and I can't tell you what a great encouragement it's been to me to see all that I actually do accomplish.  I love to make things, but have 101 (or so) other responsibilities on my plate and don't have all the crafting time I'd like.  This shows me that I really do get some crafting done, and motivates me to keep at it.

A quarterly crafting list is such a great idea, and right now, near the beginning of July, is a perfect time to start because it's the beginning of a new quarter.  Here's what to do:  

1.  Open a document in a word processing program.  Title it with the current quarter; in this case, 3rd quarter, 2012 crafting.
2.  Head your document with the current month; in this case, July.  List crafts you have completed in July under this heading.
3.  Throughout July, when you finish a project, add it to the list.
4.  Add a new heading for August.  Under this heading, list projects you complete in that month.
5.  Do the same for September.
6.  At this point, I create a new document for a new quarter.  You could just list all 2012 crafting in the same document if you prefer.
7.  On my computer desktop I have a folder called Goals, for things I am working at.  Within this I have another folder called Quarterly Crafting Reports, where I keep these documents filed.  You might want to do the same to make your document easily accessible for adding to.

Hope this idea is an encouragement to someone else!


  1. I use something like this to motivate myself. I make a list on January 1 of all the patterns I want to cross stitch for the year. I also keep a small book of each project, the date I start it and the date I complete it. It is fun to look back over the years and see what I've accomplished, as well as being a journal of which patterns I've stitched and for who. I think a craft list is a great idea!

  2. Wow, you are very organized, Vicki! I like that idea of keeping a small book for each project. I have some that have taken me so long they would be a long novel by now ... maybe a series! It is a lovely idea though and I imagine it's lots of fun to look back on.

  3. Yes, this was an encouragement! I never thought about creating a crafting document detailing things that are finished. I could probably start something right now to recap what's been done already this year and it would feel really great. Thank you so much!

  4. There is a link to Organized Christmas on my Side Bar . This site provides you with all you would ever need to create a Christmas Planner and links to copying many different sheets . I am sure they would have one on crafts so you would not need to make up your own. It might save you some time...


  5. Hi Molly and Deb!

    Molly -- am glad this simple idea was helpful to you. It has helped me! I don't print this list out -- just keep it on my computer desktop and add to it when I finish something. It's really just for my own encouragement and motivation.

    Deb -- yes, Organized Christmas does have some great printables and I have printed out many of them, including the ones for handcrafted gifts, and have them in my Christmas notebook. They are very helpful indeed.

    My quarterly crafting lists are a little different in that they include all crafting I have done in a quarter, anything from things made ahead for gifts, to curtains for myself, to homemade swiffer refills -- well, you get the idea.

    Thanks for visiting my Christmas kitchen, ladies! And Deb -- I am thankful for how your Christmas blog motivated me to try and post most days in July. I needed a jump start and you were it. Thanks!

  6. I have been tracking my quilting projects on Excel for about 10 years now. At the top of the document are my completed projects. Below that, I list all my ufos. I include the date I start, and make an x in a column when I have the top completed, another x when quilted, another x when bound and labeled. Then I add the finished date. At this point the project gets moved to the top part of the document. I also have the top 10 projects I want to focus on at the top of my ufo list. It's so fun and encouraging to look back and see all my progress. Mary in VA


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