Sunday, July 08, 2012

A tea wallet -- a fun and easy little gift to make now!

Some years ago my daughter made me a pretty blue  tea wallet for Christmas.   Here is the link to the pattern she used: Little Birdie Tea Wallet.  If you have not visited the Wee Folk Art archives before, you are in for a treat.  Lots of nice little gift and toy ideas here!

 As you can see, this has space for tea bags on one side and note cards on the other, but it can easily be made with space for tea bags only if you prefer it that way.  I like to take my tea wallet along when we travel to a cabin up north.  It's an easy way to bring just a few assorted teabags along.  And the cards ensure I have something to write a list or address on if I need it.

These are a sweet and easy little gift that would make great stocking stuffers for ladies or teenage girls.  After my daughter made this blue one for me, I decided to try making some myself in other colors and themes.  The pattern is easy and I fell in love with it.  I made a Christmasy one with a red bird.

Here's the inside of that one.
Another Christmas-themed one, made for a Christmas in July exchange last year.
And the inside of that one.  Love that sort of retro green!
Here's a fall-themed tea wallet I made.
And the inside of that one.
You can easily customize this pattern for all of the ladies on your list, using different colors and themes.  The possibilities are really endless.

Hope you have fun with this idea!  I personally find hand sewing and simple embroidery like this very relaxing, and this is a nice portable craft to work on at the beach or just under a shady tree with a glass of iced tea at hand.


  1. I received one of these sweet Tea Wallets as a gift from another blogger and I love mine!
    What a great Christmas gift it makes!


  2. I LOVE the tea wallet that I won in your giveaway. I have used it a lot. It is soooo cute too. I think we are going to try making some as you are right they make great gifts. :) I thought it was funny as I was reading your blog Salinn showed up with the mail and a SWEET note from you. Thanks so much. It was FUN to get mail.

  3. How nice to hear from two ladies who own tea wallets and love them! I have enjoyed mine so much, and they are fun to make as well. The hand sewing is easy and felt is such a forgiving fabric!

    Nikki, I hope yours come out well if you try them! I realize you probably won't be able to post pictures until the tea wallets are safely in the hands of their recipients, but do post pics when you can. I would love to see what ideas you come up with as far as colors, etc.

    And hooray for snail mail! I had no idea when our internet would be back up when I sent that, but knew you would find a note enjoyable! Hope everyone is feeling better at your house today!

  4. I think those are wonderful! I haven't ever seen them before but want to make/have one.

  5. Hope you have fun with the project if you make one, Mandie!

  6. As a tea lover myself, I find these just adorable. They would make a great gift for my tea drinking friends as well!


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