Saturday, July 07, 2012

A simple Christmas in July sewing project

 Are you looking for a simple sewing project that can be made for nearly everyone on your list and can be personalized according to the recipient's taste?  How about a vintage-style pillowcase?  I saw this pattern on Pleasant View Schoolhouse years ago and have made many pillowcases since then.  Here is the link:  How to Make a Vintage-Style Pillowcase.  I'll add that most times, I don't bother to use the rickrack on the pillowcase.  It's not as pretty without, but makes the project even easier if omitted.

Children enjoy having their own special pillowcases that reflect their own individual interests.  Sometimes it can even make them more willing to take a nap!
Sam is happy with his Thomas pillowcase
Made for granddaughters; pair on right is made with vintage fabrics.    
Two more with a train theme.
For teens or adults, you can make special Christmas pillowcases using Christmas or winter fabric.  (Children would enjoy these too, of course.)
A set with a winter theme.

Snowman pillowcase for a child
If you know their decorating preferences, use a fabric that coordinates to make your  pillowcases. 
This set was made to coordinate with a special quilt.
If you like, you could even embroider a name or saying (like "Sweet Dreams" or "Goodnight") on the border of the pillowcase.  I've thought of doing this, but haven't done so on the pillowcases I've made so far.  I want to make a set for myself, and maybe I will embroider something on those.

One thing I have noticed is that people seem to love getting their own special pillowcases made just for them.  I know that personally I very seldom buy new pillowcases for myself.  I suppose plenty of other people are the same way.

To me, the most difficult part of this project is the cutting of the fabric.  I have simplified matters somewhat for myself by making paper patterns the size of the two pattern pieces (the body of the pillowcase and the trim piece) and  re-using them each time.  But once the fabric pieces are cut, this is a speedy project indeed.

Have fun with this idea!  Start soon, and you could have a dozen of these completed by the end of July!


  1. What a fantastic idea!!! I love the Christmas pillow cases and the ones for kids are darling!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  2. You're welcome, Debbie! I hope you have fun with this project if you try it. Thanks for visiting my Christmas kitchen today and leaving such a sweet comment.

  3. Very cute! What a good idea and a great way of making a personalized gift for everyone on your list.

  4. Thanks, Vicki!

    These are a fun and easy project. Hope you have fun with the idea if you decide to make some pillowcases! Thanks for stopping by for a visit in my Christmas kitchen today!

  5. I want to do a post in the middle of the week showcasing the blogs that are participating in Christmas in July. So I am asking for permission to show a picture from something you posted for the celebration with a link back to your blog.Will that me okay?
    Let me know..


  6. This is such a wonderful idea... for most of us, our very own pillow is so important, and having a special pillow case makes it even more a delight!

  7. I made pillowcases 2 years ago for our 2 dinasaurs for Henry and pink fairies for Hadley. They love them and use them all the time! I've also made some for our own bed with beautiful red cardinals that I put out during December. Very fun and easy to do. It might be time to make some more. Mary

  8. Wow, so nice to see you all here!

    Carrie, you are right about the pillows. I know that when we travel by car we will very often bring our own pillows along. A distinctive pillowcase would ensure not leaving it behind at a hotel.

    Mary -- your pillowcases sound so nice. The red cardinals sound especially pretty. I need to get busy and make some for ourselves.

    Debbie -- Of course, you may use a picture and link back here in a post. That would be great! Thanks for thinking of me!

  9. Replies
    1. Isn't a fun project, Lana!? I've made so many of these through the years! It's really fun choosing the fabrics.


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