Sunday, December 08, 2013

December 8 ~ A quick update on our Christmas preparations so far

 * 1 Christmas card came in the mail yesterday; a second one hand-delivered by friends at church today.  Many more -- about a half dozen -- have arrived from my Christmas craft forum friends from near and far.  Closest -- Minnesota.  Farthest away -- New Zealand.

* 2 trees are up,  one pre-lit with colored lights; one with white lights.  No ornaments yet.  The trees are starting to look pretty good to us with just the lights ... We are debating just how few ornaments we can get away with!

* 3 batches of Christmas cookies made -- Chocolate Spritz; Whipped Shortbread; and Gingersnaps.

Plus a double batch of decadent Moose Munch bark [link to follow later]; 3 Christmas banners made and put up over the dining room windows; a sweet lighted terrarium display made, and arranged on a table on the front porch;  a basket of woodland greenery gathered ... and probably more that I can't think of now.  It's late.

Snow is predicted for tomorrow ...

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