Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16 ~ A festively full weekend

From my collection of vintage cards
Last week was crazy in all its busyness.  And the weekend was even more full -- festively full.  Here's what we did:
* On Friday, Mr. T got out of work early, so he made a batch of  Heavenly Delight</a> , our family favorite peanut butter and chocolate layered fudge.
* Friday night we attended a fantastic musical production of Dickens' A Christmas Carol at Dublin Christian Academy.  It was very well done and we (along with the 10-year-old granddaughter who accompanied us) enjoyed it very much.  A long trip, but worth it.

We were way in the back.  This is Scrooge meeting the Spirit of Christmas Past
* On Saturday we picked up 3 of our grandkids and took them out for lunch at McDonalds, then did a little shopping and took them  here for make-your-own ice cream sundaes.  So much fun!  This place was always a favorite of our kids at Christmas time, and, although much has changed, much has remained the same.

This is one of last year's sundaes; we forgot to take the camera this time!
* Saturday night, we went to a Christmas party at Mr. T's boss's home.  A nice time and great food!  We took along a gift for his boss -- a shadow box frame filled with mini Snickers bars surrounding  this little sign:

His boss likes Snickers.  A lot.
I also finished making a crocheted scarf -- a Christmas gift -- while we were there.
* Sunday, our  church services were canceled due to a big snowstorm here in New England.  Thankfully, it was a light, fluffy snow which made things a bit slippery underfoot but did not affect our power at all.  I managed to finish 3 handmade gifts yesterday (top secret) and Mr. T and our older granddaughters did some decorating and baked batch after batch of cookie-press  cookies.  I also ordered a couple of Christmas gifts online.  I also reorganized my sewing table for better storage and efficiency and started work on another handmade gift.
Photo from Taste of Home
So, it was a fun, festive, and even productive weekend!  I hope yours was as nice!

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