Sunday, December 01, 2013

December 1 ~ Beginning to decorate for Christmas 2013

From a previous year
 I actually began last week.  I've been attempting a "back-on-track homemaking challenge" on my regular blog, and was doing some work in the master bedroom.  That's where I keep my little glass-topped crafting desk.  This is a desk that, if I remember right, belonged to my grandmother, then ended up in my sister's apartment.  When my sister passed away I acquired the desk.  Since it had a glass top, I began displaying seasonal paper treasures under the glass.  So last week, the desk needed dusting and I decided to change out the decor to Christmas cards, tags, and other treasures.

Some of the most joyous times in my December days are spent sitting at that little desk creating gifts or decorations, or simply writing Christmas cards.  I love to look at the various cards and tags and just enjoy the lovely atmosphere of Christmases gone by.  And if snow happens to be falling outside the cozy dormer window where my desk is snuggled, so much the better.  Let it snow!
From last year


  1. Dear Mrs. T ... such a sweet and cosy little spot! Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Teri! This is a favorite spot for me, especially in December. Hope I get to spend some time there today!

  3. What a beautiful, cozy spot to write and craft! How do you keep it so neat??? My crafting area is usually a mess!

  4. It *is* a cozy spot, indeed, Susan. I love it but have so little time to spend there.

    As for how neat it is -- well, rest assured, it doesn't always look like this! It's usually stacked with patterns, supplies, and so on. I cleaned it off for the pictures because I wanted to show how the cards look under the glass top.


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