Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Almond Chocolate Biscotti

Photo scanned from Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen
Here's another recipe that looks as if it would make a great kitchen gift!  One of our friends keeps an eye out for older cookbooks and cookbooklets for my collection.  Recently he brought me a small stack that included the Taste of Home booklet, Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen.  You can be sure I pounced on that!  Kitchen gifts are some of my favorites.

This recipe is made with a chocolate cake mix, so I think the biscotti could easily be made gluten-free by just using a gluten-free cake mix.  One of the reviewers suggested a variation she had tried -- skipping the almonds and almond extract, and substituting peppermint extract and sprinkling crushed candy canes over the white drizzle.  It seems to me that this would work out very well and be pretty, too.  I'm definitely planning to try this recipe.  Maybe you'd like to add it to your 2014 baking list as well!


  1. Something we don't have here are biscottis... the ones I've tasted were hard so I'm not sure but I'm thinking if made with a cake mix they must be good.

  2. I think biscotti are made to be dunked in coffee (of course, hot cocoa or tea would also work) and that's why they are hard ... to stand up to dunking.

    But I agree with you about the cake mix; made with that, they should be really good. And the white chocolate drizzle would also keep them a little bit chewier rather than overly crunchy.


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