Monday, July 14, 2014

In From the Cold -- a fun fabric panel from Moda

Let me say right up front that I don't believe in either luck or coincidence.  But I have had the blessing of somehow winning a number of giveaways -- books, handmade soap, cereal bars, fabric, Christmas magazines, a Jo-Ann's gift card ($100), and even a $125 gift certificate to!  That last one was a giveaway from Sew4Home, a site where so many people enter the giveaways that I never dreamed of actually winning one.  I have won two giveaways there over the years, so this proves to me that those random giveaways really, really are random indeed.  It's taken me awhile to spend the gift certificate, but back in early June or late May, I forget which, I actually finished it up.  Quite a bit, but not all, of what I bought was Christmas fabric on sale.  I'll be showing you the rest of it at a later time.

This "In From the Cold" panel by Kate Spain for Moda is truly versatile, with lots of fun options.  The directions for each project are right on the panel.  Here are some options:
Option A: Placemats
Option B: Table Runner
Option C: Small Pillows  (I think the rectangles for this might also make cute mug rugs!)
Option D: Round Coaster Set
Option E: Square Coaster Set

Maybe you would like to get one of these, too.  I know I'll have fun using the one I bought.  I couldn't find the panel again at,  but they did have some other "In From the Cold" items like a jelly roll, charm pack, etc.  You might also check Fashionable Fabrics, which did have some of the panels last time I looked.


  1. How nice that the instructions are on the panel. would love one of these.

  2. I hope you can find one, Luludou. I think this one was on clearance at It does look like a lot of fun.


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