Thursday, July 31, 2014

Down the Lane to Christmas

A favorite vintage card from my collection
Here is one last lovely poem by Mildred L. Jarrell.  Oh, the memories it brings!

Down the Lane to Christmas

Down the lane to Christmas
Mid fields adrift with snow,
I can see the old familiar home 
With windows all aglow.

I can hear the Christmas music
Carried o'er the frosty air,
And picture home folks singing
Round the organ by the stair.

The yule log will be burning
Near the tinseled Christmas tree,
And I hasten with a yearning
Towards the ones that wait for me.

Though the road is long I've traveled
Sure my heart no more will roam,
For down the lane to Christmas,
My heart is nearly home.
~ Mildred L. Jarrell

I hope you've all enjoyed this simple Christmas in July as much as I have.  It's been fun for me and a nice break from my everyday responsibilities.  See you in August!


  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts this month. I come away inspired and excited for the Christmas season!

  2. This is beautiful. Brings back memories for me as well. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Thanks again Mrs. T for all your Christmas in July posts!


  4. Ladies, you are most welcome! Thanks for sticking with me and visiting my Christmas kitchen so frequently during the month of July. It was fun and refreshing for me to have something different to think about other than my daily responsibilities. I hope to post fairly often in the coming months, so I will see you all soon!

    (And Vicki, I am sorry I didn't get to visit your Christmas blog more than a few times in July. I was just too busy. I hope to get there and read more of your Christmas in July posts after the fact. They will still be good reading, I know.)


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