Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Free printable Christmas labels to print now!

Image from World Label Blog
Just think, you could print out these fun labels anytime and have them ready for Christmas!  I'm sharing links to 2 different sets of labels from World Label Blog, a fantastic resource for ordering all shapes, sizes and types of labels which also boasts an amazing array of gorgeous freebies to download and print.  You can even customize many of them with your own choice of wording and fonts.  If you have difficulty finding a good variety of labels at your local stores, I suggest you try World Label Blog.

Here's the link for the first set (pictured above): Holly Jolly Labels by Ink Tree Press.  I printed out the address labels with my name and address last year and was very pleased with them.  So cute!

And here's the link for the second set (pictured below): Happy Holidays labels by The Shy Socialites.  These are very nice also and even include such extras as labels for water bottles, CDs or DVDs, and tags for candy canes.  How fun!
Image from World Label Blog
Have fun with these!  I love free printables, don't you?


  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh yes, I like free printables too!
    These are lovely, thanks.

  3. You are welcome, ladies! I thought they were very nice. Enjoy!


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