Thursday, December 10, 2015

A few minutes at my crafting desk

... or, my 94¢ repurposing project!

I had such a good time at my little crafting desk yesterday, just in the very few minutes of time that I had available.  It all started with a little 94¢ jar candle from Walmart in the Hot Apple Pie scent.  I was surprised and pleased at the nice scent of this inexpensive little candle, but was very disappointed when the candle became unusable with about a quarter of the wax still in the jar.

The  other day, I gouged the remaining scented wax out of the jar and added it to the similarly scented wax in my tart warmer.  The little jar was so cute that I had to think of a use for it.  I was surprised at how easily it cleaned up.  The label is an easy-peel one, which helped, but I was able to wash the jar quite clean and dry it until the glass sparkled.

Then the fun began!  I knew at this point that I wanted to create a very simple little snow scene inside the jar.  The "snow" could of course be epsom salts.  But what to use for a house or building?  I tried a miniature paper house I'd made a couple of years ago, but it didn't fit into the jar.  I dug through my small tote of Christmas embellishments and found a set of 2 vintage miniature plastic houses.  At one corner of each little red house, a Christmas tree was barely attached.  The unit wouldn't fit into the jar as is, so I twisted it ever so gently and the tree easily broke off.

I wanted to add some snow and glitter to the roof and tree.  Here are a few pictures of the process.  My little desk is topped with favorite Christmas cards under the glass; hopefully that won't be too distracting.  For snow, I couldn't find the snow medium I knew I had, so used a "snow-writer" from a clearance sale; just squeezed some out of the tube and applied it with a little paintbrush.
The raw materials
After snow and glitter were applied to house and tree
I used a tiny funnel to add epsom salts to the jar
After house and tree were placed
Then the lid was added (I removed the plastic gasket to make it prettier) and a length of baker's twine tied around it.
Hope you have enjoyed this simple little project.  I surely did!


  1. A just received a nice square vase this year and want to do something like that for next year. thanks for the détails of how you made this.

  2. Oh, you could make a whole little scene in a square vase. That would be so pretty! Be sure to post pictures if you make one.


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