Friday, December 04, 2015

One of this year's Christmas cards

cover image from
This year I was well ahead of the game with choosing our Christmas cards.  I like to buy them on clearance after Christmas, but often find that there are none left that I like.  I've been finding that I can get clearance cards from places like Dayspring  or Current in the summer or fall and can find some beautiful, inexpensive selections that are just what I'm looking for.

Like the one above, from Dayspring.  It has everything I like in a card.
* It has a beautiful picture.  This one, with artwork from, fits that criteria for me.  Liberal use of glitter doesn't hurt anything either.
* It has a meaningful message.  This one is: "Praying that your Christmas is filled with joy and blessed by the wonderful promise God fulfilled when He sent His Son.  Have a wonderful Christmas".
* It uses Scripture from the King James Bible.  This isn't an absolute for me in purchasing cards to send, but I love the King James and I like it when a Christmas card uses a Bible verse that's a bit out of the ordinary.  This card uses John 4:42.
* And I saved money!  I can't remember what I paid for these, but it was no more than $5 for a box of 18.

I also purchased two more designs of Christmas cards and may share them here later in the month as time allows. I've just sent out my first one, going by my easy get one/send one Christmas card system.  Have you sent out any Christmas cards yet?


  1. Yes, I spent all morning writing cards and they are already mailed. I like your criterion for the perfect card! Now I must look up the scripture.

  2. Mine will be in the mail on Monday!

  3. So nice to see you here, ladies! Vee, so happy that you found your way over here to my Christmas kitchen. Good for you getting all of your cards written and mailed.

    And Vicki, it's nice to see you again! Wonderful to be getting your cards into the mail on Monday.

    I sent out a dozen or so cards for a card swap I'm in, but for our own Christmas cards I use an easy system of sending a card when we get a card from that person. So far I've sent out two. My system obviously isn't for everyone, but it works well for us and keeps the card-writing and sending manageable.


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