Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmastime tradition, part 3

I took this as we were leaving.   You can see someone vacuuming the stairs.  We pretty much closed up the place!
Just another post (there will be one more after this) about our traditional Christmastime jaunt with three of our local grands.  I'm just going to put up the photos and add a few brief comments.
Sorry about the glare on this one, but the fireplace screen is so pretty and those "elf" stockings hanging up are so decorative!
Back in the day, our kids always enjoyed watching Santa sleep.  He used to sort of snore, I believe.   Doesn't seem to anymore, though.
 Pretty cabinet beside the fireplace

Left: a pretty tree beside yet another fireplace; Right: heading down toward the candy kitchen

As we left.  Still vacuuming.
Illuminated chimney with wreath -- so pretty
Hope you've enjoyed this peek at one of our little traditions!  Maybe tomorrow I can put up the fourth and final installment.

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