Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Christmastime tradition, last installment

Here's the last post about our little Christmastime tradition with three of our local grandkids.  As you recall, we took them out for breakfast on one day

and then out to do Christmas shopping for their parents and little sister.  We usually like to visit a favorite Christmas and ice cream shop during the same trip, but it didn't work out this year as the Saturday was far too busy.  So we took them there on  a weekday that Mr. T unexpectedly had off.  The kids were doing a volunteer project at their local library that day, but were done in time to head out with us around 4 pm.

We enjoyed ice cream sundaes

and the player piano, in particular.  In the candy kitchen area, the kids each picked out a small bag of candy to take home.  Sam picked assorted jelly beans, Julia an assortment of mini fruit slices, and Josiah a bag of Lego candies that actually snapped together!

After leaving the shop,

 we headed to one of our favorite shopping places which I've posted about before.  The kids love running over to the bridge to see the waterfall and they really enjoy some of the shops.  Unfortunately, even though it was only ten days before Christmas, none of our favorite shops were open.  And, because of the mild weather we'd been having, the waterfall was nowhere near as pretty as usual.  I'll just show a few pictures and add captions.
Looking at the falls
The waterfall as it usually looks at Christmas time!
The waterfall this year
Lighted trees in the courtyard
Lighted garland on the stairways inside the main building
Hope you've enjoyed this look at one of our favorite traditions!  Do you have traditions with kids or grandkids?  Why not share in the comments?


  1. A tradition we picked up from a dear friend's family is laying a trail of Quality Street chocolates from the children's bedrooms to the Christmas Tree on Christmas morning. They love collecting them to find the tree lit and full at the other end.

  2. Oh, that sounds like such a fun tradition, Mrs. Smith! Your kids must absolutely love that -- a tradition that even older kids will always enjoy!


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