Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Christmastime tradition, part 2

Usually when we take our three grandkids on their little Christmas shopping jaunt, we take them to a favorite shop to get ice cream sundaes.  (The photo above is from a previous year.) A flag always goes on top! 

This year we didn't have time to do the shopping and the sundaes both, so we decided to take the ice cream shop trip a different day.  Mr. T ended up with an afternoon off from work and so we went for it.   I'm just going to show a few pictures with captions.
The player piano is always a hit.
We brought along 2 quarters for each child.  Note for next year: not enough!  The piano was playing fun arrangements of Christmas songs.
Julia and Grampa seeing what song is next.

Grampa's and my sundaes.  The dishes are actually all the same size.  (You can get larger size sundaes, but we all got the smallest ones.  Generous ice cream serving and all the toppings you want.
Enjoying the ice cream!
Happy boys.  You can see one of the other rooms in the shop through the doorway.  That particular room is filled with toys.

This pretty tree was the view from our table.  We were the only ones in the ice cream shop!
 Such a fun time.  More to follow on another day!


  1. OH, you must look forward to this every ear!

  2. That looks like such a fun precious time. They will look back and remember those special times for always. :)

  3. Hi ladies! Yes, Ian's Girl, we do look forward to it every year. And it is a fun tradition for the kids as well. Their mom says it's one of the highlights of their Christmas season.

    Nikki -- It is indeed a fun and precious time. I hope that they do look back and always remember these times! We enjoy it very much too, of course. I had thought we might skip this part of the tradition this year, since we didn't have time to do it the first time out. But my hubby really wanted to, and what a good time we had with these three!


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