Tuesday, January 07, 2020

A few more after-Christmas deals

Last Thursday I got to Walmart when the Christmas clearance had been reduced to 75% off.  I found a few more good buys.  I really liked the plate at the top and got two of them to give cookies on next year.  They are a salad plate size and are from Better Homes & Gardens.  I hadn't noticed them before, but then I had spent very little time in the Christmas aisles at Walmart during the season itself.  These were $1 each.

I had wanted a few larger silver ornaments to use with winter decor, in particular to use in the lighted winter colander I plan to make.  This package of four was only $1.23.

Glittery snowflake ornaments are always a good idea.   They make great package or gift bag tie-ons or make a nice little addition to a gift basket.  There are 20 of them in this package for 74¢.
 These candy stripe cello bags work well to contain smallish gift baskets or larger cookie plates.  My stock of these is nearly depleted since I wasn't able to get them at Dollar Tree.  The package of two was 24¢.
The bags above are quite small -- 5 3/4" x 4 1/4"x 2" -- but they were such a cute design that I just had to pick up a couple.  I loved the vintage look of this little scene.  The bags were 23¢ each!

It might not be too late to check out the Christmas clearance in your local Walmart if you are interested in any of these items!  In addition, there was lots of wrapping paper, quite a few lights, and more Christmasy things. 


  1. I had not seen those plates at Walmart this season either, they're so cute! We went to Walmart a week ago and I purchased 3 sets of 10 gift boxes in various sizes for $1.38 each. Plus some gifts bags. It's amazing to me how I see items at the after Christmas sales that I never saw before Christmas... especially at Hobby Lobby!

  2. You found some very cute things! The plate is very sweet. Do you ever watch the gals who do Dollar Tree hauls or Wal*Mart hauls or any other possibility on You Tube? They are kinda fun. Your post today reminds me of that. Makes me want to go shopping, but it is snowing here today so I’ll just stay put. ❄️

  3. Nice finds at a great price. I haven't seen that beautiful plate at Walmart here. I did find some thing this week 75% of at a grocery store. Maxi-Plus. I got 2 gold crowns and a glass champagne bottle (tree ornaments). I also got some Christmas bags and beads. Happy New Year. Thelma xo


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