Friday, January 03, 2020

Some inspiration for Christmas crafting

As promised,  I'm back with a post concerning some of my crafting inspiration for this year.  Just a bit.  Above is a Christmas card from my friend Ruth, who drew my name in the Sunday School gift exchange.  I love this card!  I just love everything about this photo.  The plaid at the top, the touches of glitter, the berries and shiny red balls, the vintage sign tucked sideways in the background.  But I especially love the handmade fabric trees at left and I am determined to find a tutorial for them.  Who knows, I may have instructions in a book I already own. 

Here's another thing that is inspiring me right now.

What a cute handmade tag!  This fun creation was tucked in a card I received in 2018's card swap with my Christmas forum friends.  Can you see what the green base is made out of?  It's a card from a Dutch Blitz game!

You can see how the crafter just stamped "To" and "From" on the back of the card.  It looks as if she might have distressed the card a bit first, or maybe she found it that way.

I'm excited to make some of these.  Pretty sure there's a vintage Dutch Blitz game at my childhood home.  Tags like this would be so much fun to create with bits and pieces of craft supplies, Christmas trims, and vintage bits and bobs.   Thinking I could even sell some in my Etsy shop ...

Here's another tag, one I found in an old book I'm giving to a thrift store.  This is a tag handmade by my mother out of an old Christmas card.  The hole hadn't punched all the way through and there was writing on the back specifying the to's and from's of the gift.  I refurbished it so it can be used again, adding a blank sticker to the back to cover the writing; punching the hole in the corner; adding a silver string so it can be tied to a gift.

It was too cute to just throw it away.

I've not done a lot of paper crafting, so I'm aware I'll need to buy a few supplies for the Dutch Blitz tags.  But guess what?  Along with that very pretty card from my friend Ruth were a few other treats, including a generous gift card from Hobby Lobby.  I will have fun shopping for stamps, washi tape and more.  It's always nice when a fellow crafter draws one's name in a gift exchange!


  1. There are so many cute projects using old Christmas cards. I have all the stars my mother made from old Christmas cards in our last crafting session. I imagine that even that standing tree pattern could be created from old cards. I remember looking for tags at my great-grandmother’s one year. She told me that there was no need for tags as they could be easily fashioned from the wrapping paper and then everything matched. I actually used her method for many years.


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