Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The actual 2019 Christmas baking list

Believe it or not, there is actually still a bit of cookie baking going on in the Christmas kitchen!  The
 Chocolate Mint Crisps on the plate above are some that Mr. T still plans to bake one more batch of.  He keeps inventorying what's in the freezer and saying, "We're getting low on _______ (fill in the blank)."

As I usually do, I'm noting down what the actual Christmas baking list turned out to be.  Remember I had this tentative list:

Well, here is what we actually did (links and photos are on the post with the tentative list):

Lemon Shortbread Thumbprints (2 batches)
Chocolate Spritz (4 batches)
Sacher Tortes (2 batches)
Eggnog Logs (3 batches)
Whipped Shortbread (3 batches)
Chocolate Mint Crisps (2 batches and counting)
Christmas No-Bakes (2 batches)
Secret Spice Cookies (2 batches)
Blond Brownies (1 batch, to help fill out cookie trays early in the season)
Lemon Sugar Cookie Bars (same)

And I think that was it.  As you can see, we didn't make almond raspberry thumbprints, multicolored spritz, or gingerbread men.  And we did make a couple of quick bar cookies (the last ones on my actual list) to help fill out cookie trays we took to events early in the season.

Christmas cookies are so much fun to bake (and eat)!  My hubby is living proof of that, as he can't seem to stop!


  1. You had a great list there. I made fruitcake for the first time ever. I took one when I went to visit my daughter and family and she like it so much, she made two of them. She had never made fruitcake before either. It's snowy and cold here so it's a great time to stay inside and bake. I would like to learn to make bread. I did make breadrolls last week.
    January is passing fast. Take care, Thelma.

    1. Glad that your fruitcake came out so well and that your daughter's fruitcake was such a success too!

      Snowy and cold here also. We got a bunch more snow yesterday.

  2. Oh it must be fun living at your house! I do enjoy a cookie, but never feel like baking them. 🍪 Happy baking, Mr. T!

  3. It is indeed fun living at my house, especially when Mr. T is in the kitchen! He recently made several more batches of Christmas cookies to freeze, so you could also say that it can be dangerous living at my house.


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