Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A few last Christmas decorating photos

Just a quick post to share a few more photos of our Christmas decorating.  Most are from the dining room.  Above you see two hutch shelves with just a tweak or two.  The Christmas cards on the upper shelf were some that I loved so much, I couldn't resist adding them to the hutch.  After I removed the cookie cutter centerpiece from the table (it looked similar to the one below and had been there all December until Christmas Eve),

I also added a green-handled cookie cutter to that shelf.

 The scenes just above are scans from one card (I cropped the top one) that's on the hutch.  This was from my cousin and his wife.  It's liberally glittered and I just love the scene!
This card made it onto my hutch too.  Those large "snowflakes" are actually teensy pom-poms!  This one was from my friend Terry's son.  Love it.

On the lower of the two shelves, I added in this green glass sugar and creamer that our daughter gifted me with for Christmas.  They are new, from Pioneer Woman, and coordinate beautifully with my vintage jadeite treasures.
 On the top shelf you can see just a tiny tweak that I added, sticking a silver bottle brush tree in each jadeite teacup.  Another year, I would place something under each tree to make them higher and more visible in the cup, but this worked for this time around.
 I wanted to showcase this Christmas card which one of our teenage granddaughters created last year.  I tucked it in the corner of the hutch with a frosty bottle brush tree beside it.
 Our creche this year.  The stable was built by my dad many years ago.  He made loads of them over the years for various family members.  The figures belonged to my parents and are much nicer than the ones we had.  That tree to the right -- yes, I know it should be a palm tree, but it's a gold tree candle that my friend Ruth gave me and I couldn't find another place I wanted to put it, so I tucked it beside the stable.
 We found the above print, unframed, in a mailing tube at my parents' home.  We loved it, so found a thrift store frame that fit.  Now I bring it out every winter and swap it out in place of a more summery wall hanging.
Above, the cute wooden tag-shaped wall art came from the Dollar Tree.  We have had it hanging in the front hallway all season long.

Hope I haven't bored anyone, but just had to share these few final photos!


  1. Perhaps you, like me and so many others, feel that your home never looks so lovely as at Christmastime. I took my tree down Sunday afternoon, packed away all the boxes all Tetris-like yesterday afternoon. Today, I am finding the stragglers...a plate wishing one a Merry Little Christmas, a nativity ornament hanging in the window, and a wreath over an old molasses jug by the door. Maybe that can stay for a while. You sure had a sweet Christmas and your Christmas treasures got to shine. Do you keep the deer print all winter? Did you groogle the artist?

    1. Oh yes, the stragglers one finds after the fact! I would definitely leave the wreath over the molasses jug!

      I agree, I do think our home looks its loveliest at Christmastime, though autumn runs a close second. We did indeed have a wonderful Christmas season. Next year may be even more fun as the Nevada folks are hoping to come for Christmas 2020!

      To my shame, I have not looked for any information on the deer print's artist. It is so pretty in person, though. Yes, we do keep it up all winter, and I will try and find info soon concerning the artist. Thanks for suggesting it.

  2. Very cute decor! I never would have guessed the sugar/creamer are new, they definitely look like authentic vintage pieces.

    1. Thanks, Vicki! I thought they were so beautiful. When my daughter asked me for ideas, I didn't hesitate to suggest these. I had seen them in Walmart and they were surprisingly inexpensive, so ...


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